My Record Attempt is 100% go! go! go! for TUESDAY THIS WEEK!!

Departing from the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, I will row some 70-75 nautical miles, solo and unsupported, clockwise around the Farallon Islands, passing beneath SE Farallon and rounding North Farallon before rowing back to the Golden Gate Bridge.

On record, no one has rowed to or from the Farallons since 1898.

No one has ever rowed out and round the islands. Subject to ratification by the Guinness World Record Association, this will be a new World Record.


I have been on standby since earlier this month.

The time is now right.

I have been waiting for a low pressure system to displace the Pacific high, which regulates the flow of strong north westerly winds to the US West Coast.

With the high displayed, the forecast for this week shows a wind shadow which SHOULD allow me to row out to the Farallon Islands!

I learned from my overnight row to Bolinas last year that starting at night is to start on the back foot. Within hours you are straight into sleep deprivation. I will leave first thing in the morning with the stronger outgoing tide.

This will be the longest and toughest solo row I have ever done – with a minefield of rocks, ships and sharks to avoid!

I am excited!

More info to follow.