Row to Nowhere

I looked out my kitchen window at 6AM and saw fog. This wasn’t unexpected. The weather was, essentially, unstable. The forecast for the Farallon Islands was good, great even. The question was, could I get away from the clutches of land to take advantage of it? My row to the bridge was more arduous than [...]

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Around Farallon: Record Attempt

Tomorrow - Tuesday 24th April - I will venture out the Golden Gate and head for the Farallon Islands, to set what could be (subject to ratification) a new Guinness World Record. Paul Chinn from the San Francisco Chronicle will be at the San Francisco Yacht Club at 7AM to photograph my departure. The weather [...]

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Weather Window: Confirmed

My Record Attempt is 100% go! go! go! for TUESDAY THIS WEEK!! Departing from the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, I will row some 70-75 nautical miles, solo and unsupported, clockwise around the Farallon Islands, passing beneath SE Farallon and rounding North Farallon before rowing back to the Golden Gate Bridge. On record, no [...]

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Latest News

After a tough start to the year, I have finally turned a corner! Last week I rowed to the Farallons Islands. 70.2 miles total in 48 hours, with the ships and the whales and the sharks!!! I recommend a comfy chair and a fresh brew to read the theee ‘Snakes & Ladders’ blogs on how [...]

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Snakes & Ladders – Final Part 3

Click here for Part 1 I got back on the oars at 04:48 and rowed for a while and then checked the time. It was 05:08. I rowed for another stretch and looked left towards Ocean Beach to check progress. Time? 05:25. Sometimes you just want to arrive, like ta-dah! But rowing, paddling, walking… these [...]

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Snakes & Ladders – Part 2

Click here for part 1 Spag Bog at 4AM anyone? Ever since the labels floated off the tinned food on the family boat one holiday, spaghetti bolognese has been known in my family, as spag bog. That’s what dad wrote (with a grin) on the tin before the next batch went into the bilge and [...]

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Snakes & Ladders – Part 1

“WAIT!” A man hurried down the dock towards me and my boat. I looked around, but there was no one else on the dock. “You’re leaving too soon!” he said. I was 30 minutes from departing to row to the Farallon Islands. The man, who introduced himself as David Holscher fished out his phone and [...]

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