Part 2: Back from Bolinas

The disappearance of the moon sets my body off on another desire to sleep. It’s not so much that I want to sleep, mostly I want to stop rowing. I decide to let the boat drift and go in my cabin and lie down for 10 minutes. Except I am not exactly offshore. I am [...]

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Part 1: Lia & the Zephyrs

I call TowBoat US. The California coastline is no place to get caught offshore in an 800 pound rowboat, solo, at night without a backup plan. I need a support boat on standby before I venture offshore overnight.  I can’t imagine TowBoat US will sell me membership. My boat has oars, no sails, no engine, [...]

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Part 2: Kayaker with Chest Pains

The wind is now fresh from the E/SE, but I settle in for the slog and manage 2+ knots.  “What’s our strategy? I was thinking of cutting across to the north shore.”  “Let’s row along the south shore.” Don says.  This reminds me of a great quote in the book ‘Sod’s Law of the Sea,’ [...]

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Part 1: Mile Stones

When Don Bekins and I rowed under the Golden Gate, out to Point Bonita and back on September 22nd, there was no wind, no wind at all. Not even a puff to send us home. Yesterday, we knew, would be different. Our original plan was to row today, but Don and his wife had made [...]

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Hell in a Handbasket

I wanted an evening adventure. I knew rain was forecast. I knew strong winds were forecast, 22-25 knots from the south. I figured I'd be in before they hit. My plan was to head to Alameda, a 5-7 hour row, a long shot admittedly. I left with the last hour of the ebb pulling me [...]

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We filmed in May and the feature on the YO! Row: World Record Attempt to row from Japan to San Francisco, will finally air T O N I G H T! The Daily Planet show, Episode 156 is at 7pm EST, 4pm Pacific Time (US) on Discovery Canada. Sponsors heavily featured in the filming of [...]

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Out The Gate

Experience builds confidence. "Have you been out the gate yet?" I have been asked many times. It's taken months - 10 to be exact - of experience inside the bay, to feel ready to face the deep trenches of current that lie outside the bay, beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. What will happen when the [...]

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