First Presentation of The Year

THIS WEEK Thursday 7PM  I'll be giving a talk at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, CA. This is going to be a talk like no other. One I've never given before... and may never give again. The subject is WHY? The big Why. Why do I want to row across the Pacific Ocean? Free [...]

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Film Release

PERSEVERANCE Here it is! The full 8-min film of my California Coast Row June 2018. This film was funded by my family of Believers. Consider supporting today ?

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2018 – Beyond The Gate

The first part of the year was hard, but each Believer who signed up on Patreon helped me get back on the oars. Rowing to the Farallons in April was a proper 3-day adventure. Little did I know that ‘short’ training row would become one of last year’s greatest challenges. I departed for what became [...]

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