Short Film

I am hugely grateful to Danielle Sellwood of Find It Film and Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports (UK equivalent of REI) for the making of this 5-minute film - the fifth and final episode of the Ellis Brigham series: #EngageYourSenses - Women’s Stories of Adventure.  

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Film Festival Submissions

Submission does not guarantee selection: Sheextreme Festival Oct 2018. Bristol UK The world's first film festival dedicated to celebrating women in extreme sports and adventure.   Kendal Mountain Festival Nov 2018. Lake District UK Kendal Mountain Festival is one of the world's premier mountain film festivals with a vision to inspire more people to explore, [...]

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New Boat Design

My new boat design by naval architect Jim Antrim has been finalised! Naval architects are understandably protective of their designs, but Jim has kindly agreed to let me share the design - and his thinking - with my Patreons! To access this page Sign up for $1 per month or more - today!  

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What did I learn?

Google search Point Conception and the pages almost all have the tag line, Point Conception: the Cape Horn of the Pacific. Point Conception is to sailors on the West Coast, what Cape Hatteras is to sailors on the East Coast US and rightly so. The point is a collision zone, where land juts into the [...]

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