Charlie Martell: Departs Japan!

Yesterday - Thursday 23rd May - at around 3PM in Japan, Charlie Martell rowed out of Choshi Marina bound for the USA. Woohoo!!! This is Charlie’s 2nd attempt to row the North Pacific along the same route I will row next year. In his first attempt, Charlie departed Choshi, Japan on May 12th 2012 and [...]

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A Chinese Man and a Spaniard rowing solo to Hawaii.

It sounds like the beginning of a contentious joke, but next month is set to be an exciting month in ocean rowing. Two individuals - both of whom have rowed oceans before - are planning to set off from the US west coast bound for Hawaii. Part 1 - Man from China - Ruihan Yu [...]

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On Monday April 15, I checked out of Marina del Rey - for now anyway. Destination? 1,200 miles away: Anacortes, WA (2 hrs north of Seattle). In January I had flown up to visit Betts Boats with a view to having Betts, build the new boat. [New boat update to follow.] In the short term, [...]

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Film Trailer!

Last year as part of my training, I set myself a (smaller) challenge: circumnavigate the Farallon Islands - a chain of gnarly looking volcanic rocks some 26 miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can see the islands occasionally, backlit by rays of low-lying sun or on particularly clear days as you cross the [...]

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I owe a debt of gratitude to the following individuals - Don Bekins and the SFYC David Holscher of Night Train Swimmers David McGuire of Shark Stewards Dr Dave Birznieks Also a special thank you to Danielle Sellwood of FindItFilm for continuing to collaborate with me on the making of these films and to all [...]

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