Tomorrow I will depart from the SFYC in Tiburon and row towards the SE Farallon Island… and back.

This is not the world record attempt (Golden Gate Bridge > round the Farallons > back to the Golden Gate Bridge), which is pending approval from the Guinness World Record Association. But a warm-up.

A 24-30 hour non-stop warm up!

Here’s the plan:

  • Alarm 06:00
  • Drive over Richmond Bridge at 06:30 before traffic builds
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Prep freeze-dried meals
  • Stretch

Depart 08:30ish and follow the shoreline to try and use the counter-current to sneak out early before the tide begins to ebb at 09:44 AM at the Golden Gate.

Avoid the Four Fathom Bank known as the “Potato Patch,” by rowing between the yellow safe-water mark and the shipping channel.

Aim for SE Farallon.


What can go wrong?

The wind forecast for the Farallons suggests the wind will pick up mid to late afternoon, circa 4-6PM.


  1. Deploy my sea anchor. Wait. Rest.
  2. This may be my cue to turn back.

The window to get up the “driveway” (Point Bonita > Golden Gate Bridge) is from 04:32 AM to 10:33 AM.

If I miss the tide, things will get… interesting.


  1. Stay out or go back out to sea. Deploy sea anchor. Wait until 16:09.
  2. Get towed in.


What can go right?

I make it to SE Farallon by 9PM!  Then turn around and make it back to Point Bonita in time for the tide!

For me, I’ve lost a remarkable amount of sleep over this. So I’m going to row out as far as I can and then be sensible about making the tide back in.

Wish me luck!

Thank you to Sara N’ Dipity for the handmade chocolates made specially for this trip! 

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