SF > Half Moon Bay

Saturday 8th December – 32 nautical miles (10-15hr Row)

I’m 90% sure I’ve got this, but what I’ve learned from my rows in the bay of San Francisco is that conditions can change in an instant. In my last 10hr+ row to Bolinas and back I struggled from sleep deprivation. For this row I decided to eliminate that factor and row during daylight.

Also my final stretch involves rounding Mavericks. Did I mention that? Yeah, Mavericks the surf break. Wanna go round that at night for the first time? Er, no thanks.

The swell forecast for tomorrow according to the site StormSurf.com is 3.3ft @ 13-15 second interval from direction 292 degrees. Windy-Ty calls for 10-20 knots of wind from the NE. The good news is that the wind direction will keep me offshore. What I’m afraid of is that the wind will KEEP ME offshore! 

To cover the 10% I put out an ask on Facebook this morning, if anyone knew anyone in Half Moon Bay with a boat. As fellow sailor James Burwick texted me – Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Smart.

Social media is wonderful sometimes and this is one of those times. My friend Todd’s brother’s father-in-law Bob will be standing by in the afternoon to make sure that the plan is going to plan. Thank you in advance Captain Bob! 

It’s 8PM and I’m off to bed. Alarm set for 3AM.

To follow my live tracker visit my Find Lia page.


4AM – off the dock at SFYC Tiburon 
4:48AM – tide turns at the Golden Gate 
6AM – pass Mile Rock & decide how far to go out: 1NM probably /follow 60ft contour
2PM – aim to pass San Pedro Point
3PM – pass Montara red #26 marker & begin to follow markers round Mavericks reef

Tide turns at HMB at 2:50PM
Sunset is at 4:51PM

Wish me luck!