My boat is now packed with 10 days worth of food, plus everything I need to survive. Every item onboard (more or less) is attached to something else.

Take a moment to imagine having to tie down every possession you own, in case a whirlwind whips through your house or a giant wave dumps your world on its side. In fact, the only difference between me rowing to Hawaii right now and a 450 mile trip down the coast is, more food!

The joke among ocean rowers (yes, there are more of us) is that rowing an ocean is really an eating competition. You can’t output what you don’t put in.

This morning I weighed myself. Drum roll please… I have gained 26.5lbs (12kg) since I began the project in May 2016. TWENTY SIX POINT FIVE POUNDS!!!

Every one talks about being “the best version of themselves.” Well I have become the biggest version of myself! But, in the next few days I am going to lose some weight during my battle with the ocean. How much do you think I will lose?



So, LA or F-Record?

My plan this month was to row to LA. Then up popped a (potential) weather window to row around the Farallon Islands and nail that wretched F-Record. At the moment it looks like I will be rowing to North Farallon rock whether I like it or not. The forecast is for strong S’lies.


My dilemma is whether to return to the Golden Gate bridge (never a given, always a challenge in itself) or trip off the Continental Shelf and head south. You will just have to tune in to find out!!

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