Back in April when I began my quest to set a record around the Farallon Islands, I thought of the row with wistful romanticism. I am going ‘far alone,’ I would say looking out to sea. After two attempts gone awry, I have started calling the row the F Record!

A weather window large enough to MAYBE, just maybe commence F-Record Attempt #3 has opened up for this Saturday.

Instead of rowing south to LA (the big trip I have been preparing for) I may row out, round the islands and back again, or I may do a donut around the islands then head south or just plain head south.


South to LA

Step 1: Head out the gate – left turn at Point Lobos, aim to get 15 miles SW of Mile Rock. This puts me in an area between the westbound and northbound traffic separation zones, where I could (for a short period) deploy my sea anchor and rest.

Step 2: Stay out the gate – away from shore when the afternoon breeze picks up.



My destination is Marina del Ray (I have a meeting there at 2:30PM on Monday July 2nd. No pressure). This is a 7-9 day trip. I am taking food for 10.

Parking options include:

Half Moon Bay, Monterey, San Luis Obispo (unfamiliar anchorage)… then nothing until… Santa Barbara, Ventura (unfamiliar with harbour entrance), Marina del Rey, San Pedro.

Decisions to make:

F Record or LA-bound?

How much weight to put onboard (full survival mode and 10 days of food or enough for the F record only)


When to depart.

In terms of tide, the best departure time is Saturday PM, leaving circa 10PM

The problem with departing at night is that I can row 6hrs max before I need to sleep (and sleep rather than nap). With a morning departure I can max 18hrs. This is a significant argument for leaving in the AM. However, leaving at night gives me more hours with the wind machine switched off.

If I stop and rest 6hrs in, I am still within the CLAW of the incoming tide when it turns (as I discovered last time). I need to get beyond the claw, by pushing my 6hrs to 10hrs effort. I am going to need stimulants and it won’t be RED BULL!

More as it develops.