Last year as part of my training, I set myself a (smaller) challenge: circumnavigate the Farallon Islands – a chain of gnarly looking volcanic rocks some 26 miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge.

You can see the islands occasionally, backlit by rays of low-lying sun or on particularly clear days as you cross the bridge from Marin County to San Francisco; San Francisco to Marin. Prohibited to people, a wildlife sanctuary and shark feeding ground, the islands are shrouded in mystery.

I had years of nightmares as a child after watching the film Jaws. Now row out towards a shark feeding ground? Alone? In a dinky rowboat?

This is the trailer for the film documenting the physical and emotional journey of what became one of the hardest feats I have ever accomplished.

Trailer (0:41s)

Full film set for release later this week.



Thank you to Danielle Sellwood of FindItFilm for collaborating with me on the making of these films. Danielle, you are truly fantastic to work with x.