I owe a debt of gratitude to the following individuals –

Don Bekins and the SFYC
David Holscher of Night Train Swimmers

David McGuire of Shark Stewards
Dr Dave Birznieks

Also a special thank you to Danielle Sellwood of FindItFilm for continuing to collaborate with me on the making of these films and to all my wonderful Patreon/ Believers, without whom this film would not have been financially possible.


From the blog of my final, successful, Farallon Island rounding –

For the best part of a year, the Farallons have been this siren song, a self-imposed assault course of failure, humiliation, physical and mental challenge. My effort to reach and round them has been humbling and led to learning across the board on everything from technical and nutrition, to mindset. On the actual day, I rounded the islands in the fog and the final turning mark? Wasn’t even there.

I enjoyed the beautiful irony – a stark reminder that it’s not about the view from the summit, but the struggle of the climb. We are all climbing. We all strive to reach goals, self-imposed or set. And when we reach them, does it really matter? Sometimes, but usually not.   – from part 3, Home James & Don’t Spare the Horses.

Here’s the film (10:32 mins) –