Fishing-for-survival training begins THIS WEEK! From a selection of trolling lures, I have borrowed two lures for my first round of training. The blue one I have named ‘Blue Lagoon’ and the orange one ‘Tropical Punch.’ Proper fisher-people probably do not name their lures, but as an aspiring fisher-person I have decided I would.   [...]

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For Part 1 click here. Part 2 By noon, the visibility socked in, 1 mile or less. The wind increased its howl and rain poured down. I was drifting at around 0.7 to 1.5 knots - too fast - so I wriggled into my foul weather, donned my harness and went on deck to deploy a [...]

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ROUND CATALINA Part 1 I left the dock at night into the teeth of 18-25 knots of wind. I wanted a romp, a fast blast to Catalina. Adrenalin kept me awake and the cold numbed my body until it became detached from my mind. Chaotic, messy, loud, colliding, the sea was rough and mildly nauseating. [...]

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I spoke out for the first time about my 7-year experience of being stalked, on Thursday January 24th at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, CA. It was the hardest talk I have ever chosen to deliver. The purpose of the evening was to explore the question WHY. Why do I want to row across [...]

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Dear Christophe Launay, I am speaking out about being stalked by you, because after 7 years I refuse to live in fear anymore. This isn’t revenge. I wish you no harm. I write this today to set myself free of the shame, that I am the one you stalked; to fill in the missing years [...]

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First Presentation of The Year

THIS WEEK Thursday 7PM  I'll be giving a talk at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, CA. This is going to be a talk like no other. One I've never given before... and may never give again. The subject is WHY? The big Why. Why do I want to row across the Pacific Ocean? Free [...]

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Film Release

PERSEVERANCE Here it is! The full 8-min film of my California Coast Row June 2018. This film was funded by my family of Believers. Consider supporting today 😊

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2018 – Beyond The Gate

The first part of the year was hard, but each Believer who signed up on Patreon helped me get back on the oars. Rowing to the Farallons in April was a proper 3-day adventure. Little did I know that ‘short’ training row would become one of last year’s greatest challenges. I departed for what became [...]

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Slice Slice Baby!*

When I was coming up with the name of the exhibition 'Slice of History', I remembered there was another work of art with the name 'Slice of... In fact, I'd met the artist! In May 2006,I reenacted my first solo transatlantic race (the OSTAR 2005, Plymouth UK > Newport RI) as art installation called 'Absolute [...]

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