After appearing on the Theo Von show ‘This Past Weekend’ in August (link here), I got a call from a Hollywood casting director. Yeah, right – that’s what I thought too.

This person hit me up on every platform (blog contact, insta, twit, effbook) and so I decided to give her a call as requested.

She wanted me as a contestant for a new CBS Show called ‘Million Dollar Mile,’ with Lebron James. She paused after saying Lebron James.

I’m sorry, but who is Lebron James?

Dir: Only the greatest basketball player of all time!

Thankfully she thought this was cute.

So what does this game show involve? The name suggests running.

Dir: A .25 mile run, followed by an assault course, followed by a .25 mile run… the first to hit the mile wins a million bucks.

I am currently built to haul a 1,000lbs across an ocean. I’m not exactly a runner.

Dir: That’s fine, they don’t really want you to win the million bucks anway.


Dir: You’re an endurance athlete, you’ll be fine!

There’s running fit and there’s ocean rowing fit. It could be humiliating…

Dir: The chasers will give you extra time.


Screw it, I’ll do it!

Dir: Are you American?

No. Is that important?

Dir: Can you get married?

Sure, find me someone to marry!

Dir: I have a friend who might marry you.


Dir: When are you next in LA?

Me: This is hilarious. I’ve really enjoyed our call!

I was in LA for a conference this past weekend. I did not get married. I will not be a contestant in the new Million Dollar Mile show – at least not in the first series.

So LeBron James is a big deal huh?