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New Boat Design

My new boat design by naval architect Jim Antrim has been finalised! Naval architects are understandably protective of their designs, but Jim has kindly agreed to let me share the design - and his thinking - with my Patreons! To access this page Sign up for $1 per month or more - today!  

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What did I learn?

Google search Point Conception and the pages almost all have the tag line, Point Conception: the Cape Horn of the Pacific. Point Conception is to sailors on the West Coast, what Cape Hatteras is to sailors on the East Coast US and rightly so. The point is a collision zone, where land juts into the [...]

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Breaking Waves

In Santa Barbara I told myself that by the time I finished untangling my hair, I would have mentally recovered. I finished untangling my hair by the time I left Redondo Beach, but I have still not mentally recovered. There is something about what happened on the night of Thursday 5th July that I have [...]

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What have I got to lose?

My boat is now packed with 10 days worth of food, plus everything I need to survive. Every item onboard (more or less) is attached to something else. Take a moment to imagine having to tie down every possession you own, in case a whirlwind whips through your house or a giant wave dumps your [...]

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The F Record

Back in April when I began my quest to set a record around the Farallon Islands, I thought of the row with wistful romanticism. I am going ‘far alone,’ I would say looking out to sea. After two attempts gone awry, I have started calling the row the F Record! A weather window large enough [...]

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Part 2: Towed

Click here for Part 1. The Coast Guard arrive. Their boat is big and steel and this concerns me. There are three crew plus the driver. The crew are busy readying fenders and without any radio communication the boat veers towards me. They can not be wanting to come alongside, says the voice in my [...]

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Follow Your Fear – Part 1

Wednesday was going to be THE DAY for my 2nd attempt to set a new record rowing around the Farallon Islands. Then it wasn't THE DAY, so I committed to moving a sailboat. Wednesday, 7AM I wake up and instantly know there is no wind. Except I have committed to moving a sailboat... We move [...]

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Keep Calm and Carry On Rowing

Last week I joined the 63ft ORMA trimaran Paradox for her delivery up the coast from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to San Francisco.   Captaining boats like this was my pre-rowing life. The trip was a blast from the past and what a blast upwind it was! The sailing was wetter and colder than I EVER [...]

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Row to Nowhere

I looked out my kitchen window at 6AM and saw fog. This wasn’t unexpected. The weather was, essentially, unstable. The forecast for the Farallon Islands was good, great even. The question was, could I get away from the clutches of land to take advantage of it? My row to the bridge was more arduous than [...]

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