Dear Christophe Launay,

I am speaking out about being stalked by you, because after 7 years I refuse to live in fear anymore.

This isn’t revenge.

I wish you no harm.

I write this today to set myself free of the shame, that I am the one you stalked; to fill in the missing years of the story of my life and to unweight myself of the secret of what you did.

My struggle to write, to blog, to communicate with anyone I can’t verify as not you continues, 3 years after you [for the most part] have left me alone.

When you contacted me in December last year, my immune system crashed. I became ill. That is the extent of the trauma you caused, that I am working to absolve.

In training to row the Pacific, I have battled not only with the ocean, but with fear and self-doubt. I have come to realise that being stalked by you – past present or future – is a stumbling block, a rock I am kicking down the road.

I am rebuilding my life. I am going to row the Pacific alone and unsupported and there is no room onboard for a rock to sink the boat.

I wish you wellness and prosperity.