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I got a Casting Call

After appearing on the Theo Von show ‘This Past Weekend’ in August (link here), I got a call from a Hollywood casting director. Yeah, right - that's what I thought too. This person hit me up on every platform (blog contact, insta, twit, effbook) and so I decided to give her a call as requested. [...]

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Home James And Don’t Spare the Horses!

Click for Part 1. The situation was worse than I thought. The retrieval line for the sea anchor must have got trapped under the parachute of the sea anchor. Hand over hand, I began to haul in the deployment line. The line must have dragged along the sea bed as long centipede creatures (sea lice?) fell [...]

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Around the Unknown

Click for Part 1. Full of hope, I hauled in the sea anchor on Tuesday 16th October and set off for the Farallons at 6AM. It was still dark, but the black was starting to mute into lighter shades of grey. Mount Tamalpais and the Marin Peninsula were etched onto the horizon as San Francisco [...]

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The F-Record: Sharks Patrol These Waters!

Conversation with Rick Leach, shore crew.                       I called my parents. “We had better get off the phone,” my father said. “You must have a lot to do.” My boat prepped, my food packed, on my way to the dock I stopped by the convenience [...]

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Third Time Lucky?

Tonight at 5PM, I will row 7 miles across the bay from Richmond to Horseshoe Cove. I will spend the night on anchor. 7AM tomorrow, I will row out the Gate. Bound for where? The Farallon Islands. This will be attempt #3 to round the Farallons, to set a new record I have fondly come [...]

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Should I stay or should I row?

Two and a half months of meetings, hoop jumping, lots of yeses, lots of excitement, a car bought, an apartment rented for me and then an overnight flip turn on the decision to title sponsor. More on this in my next blog. The upshot is that building a new boat design for a 2019 departure [...]

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Short Film

I am hugely grateful to Danielle Sellwood of Find It Film and Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports (UK equivalent of REI) for the making of this 5-minute film - the fifth and final episode of the Ellis Brigham series: #EngageYourSenses - Women’s Stories of Adventure.  

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Film Festival Submissions

Submission does not guarantee selection: Sheextreme Festival Oct 2018. Bristol UK The world's first film festival dedicated to celebrating women in extreme sports and adventure.   Kendal Mountain Festival Nov 2018. Lake District UK Kendal Mountain Festival is one of the world's premier mountain film festivals with a vision to inspire more people to explore, [...]

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New Boat Design

My new boat design by naval architect Jim Antrim has been finalised! Naval architects are understandably protective of their designs, but Jim has kindly agreed to let me share the design - and his thinking - with my Patreons! To access this page Sign up for $1 per month or more - today!  

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