Rick Leach

Shore Manager for RowLiaRow.

Systems Operator, Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Rick is a rower, runner, long-distance cyclist and in 2016 Rick and his rowing partner Todd Bliss, rowed from Monterey, CA to Hawaii in 54 days 22h 17m.

Chloe Curtis

PR and Marketing contact for RowLiaRow.

WANTED – Weather Router

Dr. Aenor Sawyer MD, MS

Orthopedist at UCSF with a decade of experience as ‘Expedition Medic’ for world-record ocean rowers.

Subspecialty: health technology, remote medical care


Christopher Talley, MS

Former aerospace physiologist. CEO of Precision Food Works, Inc. and Red Bull’s high performance nutrition counsel.

Speciality: the unique requirements for ultra-elite athletic performance

Dr. Michael Gervais, PhD

High performance psychologist.

Subspecialty: rugged and hostile environments.

“This project and Lia’s commitment to self-reliance and solitude, will fundamentally alter the boundaries of human performance and experience.”

Dr. John A. Shepherd, PhD

Professor Dept. of Radiology and Dir. of Breast and Bone Density Imaging Group, UCSF

Subspecialty: musculoskeletal imaging

Glenn R. Fox, PhD

Head of Design, Strategy and Outreach, USC Performance Science Institute. Co-Founder and data scientist at PhDInsight

Specialty: neuroscience.


Naimah Madden, FST 3 therapist

Fascial Stretch Therapist, pilates and barre instructor.

Subspecialty: flexibility, agility, injury and rehabilitation


Brendon Rearick, CFSC Coach

Certified Functional Strength Coach.

Working with Brendon proved a game changer, in terms of strength gains, movement patterning and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of my muscle and skeletal structure.

Involvement: March – November 2017

Jenn Heflin, Bay Area Photographer

Jenn came out on my boat and took my photo for her exhibition, 52 Portraits: A Year-Long Love Letter to Alameda & Its People. 

While based in Alameda, Jenn was project photographer.

Involvement: November – March 2017