Education is hugely important to Lia, she wants to share all aspects of the journey with everyone – especially children. Way back, when she was a youngster, Lia won a drawing competition and got to meet a famous sailor. What he did and the adventures he went on, blew her mind and opened up a world of possibilities. Now, Lia wants more children and especially young girls to have that experience; so as a team we’ve started putting together videos, social media content and worksheets designed to educate and inspire

Please share this content with the young people in your life, as well as teachers and indeed anyone else you think might enjoy it.


Educational videos, as well as videos of Lia’s epic rows can be found on her youtube channel. Watch episode 1, below

Fun Facts

Lia’s boat is decorated with a friendly gang of sea creatures designed by Wes Archer. Wes is one of the artists responsible for the Simpsons animations! The sea creatures have all got together to bring you some fun facts about Lia, what else would you like to know? Let us know and we’ll see if they can help – email us at: education @????


Worksheets Education experts Databarracks have put together some fun worksheets, you can download them by clicking the the buttons below! Let us know how you get on.