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Sponsor a Day of my Row from San Francisco to Hawaii

Before I leave the shores of JAPAN and endeavour to row 5,500 nautical miles to San Francisco, I need a “dry-run”, a shake-down row, an ocean passage that puts to the test everything I’ve learned so far. Rowing from my homeport of San Francisco to Hawaii ticks all the boxes.

The distance between San Francisco and Hawaii is 2,500 nautical miles, so kind of a long training row, but as it turns out… only 2 people have rowed solo and unsupported from San Francisco to Hawaii!

One man (52 days) and one woman (99 days). (Twenty-five men and 10 women have also rowed this distance but as teams of 2 or 4). I am going to be mega audacious and aim to beat both men’s and women’s record with a time of 50 days ! *gulp* !

For this, I need your support. 

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